BR4 BoreRail Picatinny Rail Adapter Set [DRY FIRE only] - Universal

WARNING: FOR DRY FIRE USE ONLY. Attempting to use the BoreRail adapter in live fire training may result in severe injury.

The BR4 BoreRail adapters creates a standard 1913 picatinny rail system on specified revolver and pistol calibers.

Useful for revolvers and pistols without a built-in rail, or without option to attach an adapter under barrel or under grip.

Included in the BR4 kit are four different universal size adapters:
  • 9mm / 357 / 380
  • 40 cal / 10mm
  • 44 Mag
  • 45 ACP / 45 Colt
Apply a very thin coat of oil to the o-rings to greatly improve ease of installation and removal.
BR4 BoreRail Adapters
BoreRail adapters come in multiple sizes.